Winter X-Games Real Snow Backcountry – FINAL ROUND

Final round is on! The all new Winter X-Games Real Snow Backcountry video contest is still on and got into finals this week. Winter X-Games Real Snow Backcountry - Final Round!Austrian shred  icon Gigi Rüf  got kicked by Jusski Oksanen in a very tough battle, same as Nicolas Müller, who went down against JohnJackson. This backcountry edition is the foregoing video contest for the Euro Winter X-Games in Tignes, France which are about to start in two days. The Real Snow video contest is known of the U.S. Winter X-Games, but usually featured an ruban video parts. Last round is now between John Jackson and Jussi Oksanen so get over there and leave your votes now, before the contest ends at March 16 on next Friday!

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