Yobeat – Yomerica TEASER

Yobeat - Yomerica TEASER

Yobeat started asking for submissions by everyone and from anywhere to put together one dope snowboard flick. You had your chance and if you read this and didn’t know about, better luck next time fools! Yomerica is that good thing called and will be released on next week’s Monday, Agust 26th on 09 am PST, what means for most of us Euro heads by GMT 18:00h. We hit Brooke up really quick to get a few words from her about that flick:

ShredOn Mag: How many riders are featured and from how many different countries? (approx.)

Brooke Geery: Oh wow, well, there are four crews with full sections and they have anywhere from 4-10 people in them. Then there is a montage section with a bunch more people. The countries one is easier, it’s pretty much US, Canada and Wherever in Eastern Europe those Yougofirst kids are from. 

SOM: Sweet. The YouGos are from Slovenia most of them at least btw. how was selected which one would make it into the movie and which one don’t? any criteria?

Brooke: It was all based on the quality of footage. The good stuff went in, the not-so-good stuff got left on the cutting room floor. I was really impressed with the quality of footage we got over all though. There’s so many kids out there just crushing it, riding and filming wise, we had no trouble putting together a full flick.

SOM: Sounds good. is it pure urban or can we expect a solid balance between jibs and pow slashs?

Brooke: There’s definitely some pow and jumping, but as you would expect, it’s mostly jibbing. One thing that’s unique is because the crews are from all over, it’s a big variety of spots and styles.

SOM: Did you get any submissions from well known AM team riders/ young bloods that might struggle for media output, or is it pure local stuff?

Brooke: There’s some real live pro snowboarders in the movie. We worked with a few of the sponsors such as Airblaster and Lib Tech, so some of the footage is leftover from their projects. And a lot of the „local“ crews are made up of those ams. It’s really a mix of all levels of the board world.

SOM: Did Hunter Gulan work alone on this?

Brooke: Yeah, we of course gave him annoying suggestions, but I basically gave him the hard drive of the footage and let him go nuts. He’s a really talented editor so I wanted him to have creative control.

SOM: What about your rap standout Stan ..did he get his music debut with his rap on one of the parts finally or does he still work on his rhymez?

Brooke: Originally we wanted it to be all original music, and I’m sure Stan would have rapped a part, but Hunter ended up choosing the music as well. Again, it’s a mix of everything.

SOM: Aight .. perfect. That’s it, cheers for your time Brooke ..I’m definitely looking forward to Monday.

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