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Check out this rad interview with THE MAN behind Brain Farm and the new Travis Rice flick, „The Art of Flight“!
Here definitely comes up a different one. We talked to artist Corey Smith and wanted to know more about these Springbreak Boards, we have seen recently on the web. Read on about an artist, who gave the contemporary snowboard design a new look!
Silli Mittermüller. ShredOn Magazine did an interview with the former Isenseven member and wanted to know what she’s up to in these days, why a girl does play chess and what happened with her elbow this season. Find out more in the interview!
Watch the last section of the 3-part interview by RIDE, with Jake Blauvelt!
After our first round, talking with him about the progression of the sport and other issues, we wanted to talk about Ali himself, his career and more stuff here, our second part of the interview, with „the Real Ali G“.