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Here is the official video wrap up by Nike 6.0 of the Stairset Battle Tour Finale. What an event!

Your internet was broke? Your best friend got married? Even worse: YOU got married and could not see it? Well for all those, who were not able to see either the Stairset Battle Tour finale OR the Air & Style in Munich. YOU CAN REWATCH IT IN FULL LENGTH HERE!

Check out one of the probably most exciting and massive snowboard events this year’s season will have to offer from the Olympic Stadium in Munich and watch it live!

Nike 6.0 Air & Style | massive event! |Stairset Battle Finale (TTR 3 Star) | So now it’s on. Well, not now actually but there are just a few hours left until the looong awaited Nike 6.0 Air & Style (TTR 6 Star) will kick off! And why should there be just one, or  two …

This weekend the 9th and last stop of the Nike 6.0 Stair-Set Battle Tour (TTR 2 Star), stood a little bit in the shadow of the Billabong Air & Style in Innsbruck, which took place on last Saturday. Anyways, this stop really..