Scotty Vine 2012 FULL PART

Scotty Vine 2012 FULL PART

We just don’t get it why we don’t see a bit more footage of this guy, since he clearly embodies creative snowboarding with great style and is also one of the few ones, that you see today throwing out one-footers. This is Scotty Vine’s full part of this season for which he passed quite some time around California, Nevada, Utah, Colorado, Washington, and Oregon and dealt somehow with shitty weather but still though could throw out this insane part. Did we say that his part is insane? It is nuts, you enjoy this shit. If you want to see more of Scotty’s skills, you should check out his part in the current Mountain High flick called Los Angeles, in which he ripps it next to MFM and more rad people you enjoy watching.

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