Logo in progress!

Logo in progress..

After having finished killing all technical bugs on the homepage and be able now to focus on pure content production, there is still one thing missing! A logo! God damn it ..but no worries. It is taken care of. Several friends have been talked to and will develope a nice logo, for a real corporate identity of ShredOn Magazine. We already got some sketches, which look sick (!) but won’t tell you more right now -so far. If you follow snowboarding or got an idea of what all this is about, but can for sure bomb pieces on trains, do streetart or generally speaking have some really cool skills in logo development and art stuff. Send us your sketches and ideas! If they’re good and fit the image, we would be super stoked to use it of course. In any case will the best 2, or 4 sketches be online on our fanpage on facebook, for a public voting.


give us your shit.

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