BuoLoco visits Trapper Snowboards

BuoLoco visits Trapper Snowboards

Trapper Snowboards is a BC based custom board factory, standing for high-quality products and reflecting the image, of a tiny little oldschool shaper house kind of, working with local wood and hand built cores. Ed Segovia of BuoLoco visited the factory in Revelstoke and did his interview quizz thing, talking high quality and visual style, production, costs and market stuff with one of Trapper’s co-founders Greg Fortier.

„trapper is a revelstoke bc based custom board factory. trapper supplys a
good variety of powder style boards and make a few great all mountain
freestyle boards. trapper reminds me of the old school surf board shapers
that have an easier time making custom shapes etc. all the materials are
home sourced here in revelstoke, all local wood and handbuilt
cores.handmade cores are far and few between these days since most companys
order cores from a seperate company pre made. these boards boast a very
high durability rating and last a good few seasons, also hard to find with
other brands. trapper and myself also teamed up to build my dream board,
the „alpensurf“…. it is a 148cm powder destroyer meant for the
bindingless fanatic. originaly noboarding started with Greg Todds in
99-2000 and since his passing in 2005 many other forms of bindingless
riding are taking root. here at trapper we tested to see what exact
dimensions work best while riding bindingless and the alpensurf was born
mid last season. this board pays homage to the same style of bindingless
riding revamped by gt himself. check out trappersnowboards.com and be taken
back to the core roots with a progressive curve. these boards are a great
riding experience.“

al clark

„Care is taken when combining wood to make each and every core. The grain orientation of each piece of wood is placed in such a way to compliment the piece next to it, resulting in consistent flex and maximum durability. Cores are then precisely milled on our in-house CNC machine. In contrast, the closest a large scale manufacturer gets to the source of their wood is the front of their forklift. For the soul surfers out there, come ride the terrain that nourished the tree that is your board.“

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