burn PRESENTS: Black Snow 2.0

burn PRESENTS: Black Snow 2.0

Since we presented to you the full length version of the Burn short flick Black Snow (original post here), some people felt a bit offended due to our slightly direct way of expressing certain things and the extreme tone that you could notice while reading. Well, let’s get us one thing straight here: Our expressed anger, went towards the Burn Energy Drink brand in this case and not towards the people as filmers, producers and directors that were behind that film project. After a bunch of messages and comments with the respective heads, we were fine again let’s say and things got sorted out, but again:

We never doubted on the personal skills of any single one of the mentioned people, nor did we doubt on their realness, or put their right to exist in action sports in question. But for real, let’s not forget that in a way, our anger must have been justified and cool with you folks, when regarding all the likes / Thumbs up we earned for that radical post from you people, or not?

We’re just sick of all these brands that originally don’t got any damn relation with real (action-) sports or snowboarding in particular, but claim so and that in tons of cases pull shit off, that other passionated heads in snowboarding would have done way better with half of their ressources just for the love of it. The productions of the foregone years under the Burn Energy Drink label (Alive and Human/Machine ..click to watch), were totally rad and we’d never hate on these two, but this last one here sorry again folks was simply shit in our opinion. What does that mean for you? It does mean shit. We’re an online mag that writes what we think and when in this case, we even get disappointed by something, we might even exaggerate a bit (alright, for real ..we did) and get really pissed off. What you people should do, is maybe question our word when not being totally sure and think what is there for you that is true and what things we expressed that turn out to be the opposite of what you’re backing usually. MAKE UP YOUR MIND!

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Burn flick: Black Snow


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