Eero for Ion Cameras

Eero for Ion Cameras

Finnish snowboard icon and mad skater Eero Ettala is now officially riding for Ion Cameras, that not that many people know about really. Since there is now quite a small bunch of different brands in this action cam market you’ll probably wondering what the differences are here. Concerning the Ion cams at least, they got different models with different technical features, of which the most pro ones are WiFi remote featured and let you share your footage in an instant plus an overall really simple way of controlling these cams. What else there is behind, is what we will find out soon for you when testing them, so check back. Eero tested these cams lately while skating in the last months and if you follow him you haven’t noticed probably any lack of quality in the footage, when comparing the latest edits to the rest of the footage that was always shot in high quality and if Eero is up to it, we guess they can’t be bad at all.

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