Florian Achenrainer on Rough Snowboards

Florian Achenrainer on Rough Snowboards

After Tato Chiala, Elena Graglia, Jakub Szkaradek, Fredu Sirviö and Øivind Fykse, the Italian brand of Rough Snowboards gets again new reinforcements for that hell of the team they’re building up since a while now: Flo Achenrainer. The Austrian ripper that was formerly on Rome Snowboards is well known for hard urban jibs and also for frequently working on cool projects, such as his Redeye Project, the ANUS part, or the Street Vs. Snow Kaunertal Railbattle last season. Overall: pretty core moves the Austrian Monsieur is pulling off each time and that’s exactly where we’re going now: The word on the street is, that Flo’s former sponsor wouldn’t have been core enough anymore for his personal taste and since Rough is unarguably making a really solid impression with their riders and footage they’re showing so far, it won’t have been a bad move at all for Flo. If we will be able to see him in Rough’s up coming team film When the Going gets Rough„, is doubtable since the new deal has just been made public and the film most be almost done, but who knows what Andrea Zampieri and his team have got in mind!

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