Fredu Sirviö on Rough Snowboards

Fredu Sirviö on Rough Snowboards

Earlier this year  you could already read on Yellow Snowboarding that Fredu Sirviö signed up with a brand new board sponsor that will be announced later in this new 12-13 season. Weeks passed and recently our homies from Italy at Rough Snowboards announced a new secret team rider to be revealed today and only showed us the silhouette of that new fam addition. One and one still counts two and so Rough Snowboards is heavily stoked to announce, that the Finish rail reaper Fredu Sirviö is now on board with our friends from Italy, embodying the roughness and originality that Rough Snowboards stands for and its approach to the industry really. 

Fredu Sirviö on Rough Snowboards repping secret pro model

“Ive always wanted to ride for core companies that keep snowboarding real. Snowboarding is all about friends, progression, having fun and attitude. With Rough I’ve finally found the company that keeps it real and does things their own way. That’s how I like to do it too. I’m really excited to ride for Rough Snowboards and be part of their amazing team! Rock n roll!“ said Fredu about his new sponsor deal.

As you can see in his welcome edit below, Fredu is hooked up with a pro model that still is secret to us, but will be also revealed pretty soon. „At Rough, we have never been so stoked as now we are releasing this bomb.“ the guys at Rough Snowboards said. Keep it real people.

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