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We finally managed to drop our interview section! Great news, hu? There you will find -well, yeah ..interviews, right. Ininterview section launched the beginning it obviously will take some time to grow, but step-by-step also this brick of ShredOn Magazine will become bigger and bigger and catch more attention. The first interview went down on this weekend with no one else than former pro Ali Goulet and will be released online soon. Meanwhile this is in progress, also the question about a real face for ShredOn Mag is getting almost to an end. As you can see, we are working non-stop and looking forward to provide more interesting and different content to you, so stay tuned and give us some feedback, in case you should have any suggestions or thoughts for us.

Till then shred on! – the season is almost over people…
Please also have a further look on the We Are Snowboarding (W.A.S.) issue. It is really important for the sport’s future and depends on YOU, spreading the word on the slopes, internet, work place, colleges and everywhere else, where you meet other riders.

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