Mike Ravelson on Ashbury

The Loon local finally gets what he deserves! We just mentioned it when talking about, when local snowparks, feature local riders for their movie project, if doing one. Mike Ravelson, …well. If you follow just a lil‘ bit the snowboarding game, there was no way in these past few seasons to miss this dude. Where should we start? Ah, okay ..first of all he’s a Loonatic and not the real ones, the shred-headz we’re talking about here. Then ..right, Loonatics = Loon Mtn. = Parkwork Orange opener part. Check. Etnies and Thirty Two’s 2011 AM movie „Ammo“, also got his self a part in there. The list goes on with Ian Post’s „Stitched Up, Clipped Up“ movie and ends finally with Capita’s infamous „Defenders of Awesome“ flick. Besides that he might has been seen on some local jib contests, as there is for example the Hot Dawgs & Handrails contest, which went down a few weeks back. Ashbury noticed that and hopped him immediately on their AM team now, for what they put this edit together. More complete is quite impossible for a striving young gun like Mike at this point and it wouldn’t surprise us, if the kid gets a complete new title this season for the most covergae or persistent rider ever or something. But one thing for sure: We can expect to see a lot of new rad stuff of Mike in future, NO DOUBT!

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