Pepping! Lineup published and Release Delayed

Pepping! Lineup published and Release Delayed

The two brothers Halldør and Eiki Helgason would be normally been partying now like hell don’t know, cause of the online premiere of their Pepping! flick, but things got a bit tricky. The guys are working on it and apparently their next try is set for 22h (CET), so we will see what’s up then. The good news is, that they revealed the lineup of the film and it just looks sick. Among others you people had as in their last year’s Sexual Snowboarding film the chance to send in your own parts, of which one would get picked for the film and this year’s lucky winners are: Flo Corzelius and his homies Daniel Diedrich and Alex Haapamäki. Congratz guys! Besides these three German headz Pepping! will be featuring the riding of Eiki Helgason, Halldør Helgason, Gulli Gudmundsson, Kareem El Rafie, Leo Crawford, Ethan Morgan, Tor Lundström, Risto Roukola, Tony Kerkela, Eero Ettala and Fredu Sirviö. Holy fuck.

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