Silver & Light: When Dreams Collide

Silver & Light: When Dreams Collide

We featured artist and photographer Ian Ruhter now a bunch of times already and are pumped on bringing you here his latest and 4th installment of his Silver & Light project. Digg it..

„In the process of preparing the time machine, I had no idea this would become one of the most extraordinary journeys to date. It would propel me into the future where I meet Chase Jarvis, one of the greatest photographers of all time. It would then send me back in time to meet with my old friend, Peter Line, the best snowboarder of this era.
All of a sudden I found myself in the present, making a picture of Ishmael Butler from the Diggable Planets. I had travelled the way you would in a dream, taking me backward into the future. A future where you paint with silver and light.“

| Ian Ruhter |


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