Slopestyle IS Olympic!

Slopestyle IS Olympic!

HELL YEAH! There is no other way to begin this post here. The headline speaks for itself: Slopestyle is Olympic! That means that for the upcoming Olympic winter games in Soshi, Russia in 2014 we will see the best athletes competing on big jumps and rails, how sik is that?! It has been a long way till this point here, but in the end we got it. Wouldn’t there be people like Terje, movements like We Are Snowboarding (WAS) and organizations like the TTR, we wouldn’t have succeeded that „early“ probably.

In case you don’t know at all what we are talking about here, check these links here to read the pre-history of this important news and get to know the facts:

„The snowboarding community has been awaiting a decision on the heated topic of the inclusion of slopestyle in the Olympic games in Sochi 2014. The debate is one of high importance especially for the competitive side of snowboarding.

The TTR has long been acquainted with competitive slopestyle on a global level. Events on the TTR World Tour have been running world-class slopestyle competitions reaching back to the early 1990’s.  In the 2009/2010 season alone, the TTR held 148 slopestyle competitions on the calendar where 2,100 men and 655 women competed adding up to 5,307 individual results for the season. With the number of quality slopestyle events that are run each year by the TTR and the amount of riders who continually turn out to compete each season, the TTR’s knowledge and expertise of slopestyle is unparalleled.“

source: TTR

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