Snow Dome Bispingen is Closing

Snow Dome Bispingen is Closing

The German indoor slope Snow Dome Bispingen near Hamburg just communicated in a press release today, that they are going to shut down business due to not being able to cover the immensely high costs any more, maintenance requires. On March 31st the Snow Dome Bispingen will have its business running for the last time, before over 137 employees will need to get another job, of which will be taken care of together by the Management and Staff Association. The indoor slope was pretty popular in that arear for mainstream ski-tourists as well as a part of the German urban freestyle scene, offering lessons for normal riding and a shaped park setup, that also included in the beginning even the 1st indoor pipe in Europe. The indoor slope, that also features other outdoor sports offers such as a City Wave for the surfer community and more, cost around € 35 MIO. and could welcome more than half a million of visitors.

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