Travis Rice: Snowboarding in to the future – Why We Watch

Travis Rice: Snowboarding in to the future – Why We Watch

Considered by many the best snowboarder in the world, Travis Rice is finally someone who approaches nearly the same level of fame for being a snowboard pro, than the ‚Flying Tomato‘ from the ‚big B’but differently. The difference is: Travis doesn’t need to wear Zebra pants when hitting AK lines of his upcoming women collection and still leaves us mouth wide open when seeing his work. Illest and steepest lines in the most exotic locations, documented with the biggest production house we have in snowboarding, Travis is always about to do some next-level stuff. Lately he blew us away again earlier this year with his inaugural event of the Red Bull Supernatural event, which went down in Baldface, Canada, doing the very first step of something many people have waited for to be realized: Bringing together the two worlds of freestyle and big mountain snowboarding in an one-of-a-kind event like it has never been seen before.

But that’s the thing: How big is really the response to events like the Super Natural, hu? When you look across the world wide web, nearly 90% of the snow edits you see, is either park or urban street footage. Of course both phenomena belong to the sport and have pushed snowboarding to a complete different extent, of which the industry and the sport only benefit. Snowboarding is accessible to more people now and we see more and more crews popping out from all over the world. But what about the pow drowned backcountry? It seems like the ones who go for it, are usually the older generations of riders, don’t you think?

Travis shares here some of his thoughts about the future of snowboarding and where it might be going. If you ask us, we are happy to have people like Travis among our owns, who tries to push the sport in order to give it something back in first place and not just to necessarily only make a bug of it (what nobody doubts he does too, when having abc and Red Bull behind him e.g.).


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