TTR present a joint Olympic Qualification System


On October 7, TTR leadership met with Sarah Lewis, Secretary General for FIS, Marcel Looze, FIS Marketing Director and the FIS snowboard staff.

The purpose of the meeting was to present a joint Olympic qualification system, based on a cooperation between FIS and TTR in which the top four TTR events and the top four FIS World Cups would be used in a newly created „Olympic Qualification System,“ as well as a global competition calendar solution. The proposal, which was initially developed by the joint Freestyle Snowboard Task Force representing FIS, TTR, nations, athletes and coaches, was ultimately presented by the TTR. It was agreed that FIS will respond to the proposal until the beginning of November.
A draft of the proposal was presented the previous day during the official FIS Snowboard Task Force meetings and received strong support from the nations.

TTR President Reto Lamm said this about his outlook on the outcome of the meeting: “In support of TTR’s goal to create a fair and equitable qualification system that is widely supported by the riders, the nations and the global snowboard community, TTR hopes for a positive outcome for the better good of the sport of snowboarding.”

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