After weeks and weeks, we finally managed to launch our „urban section“. This new category as you might already know, will catch up with all sorts of vibes, which surround the world of action sports. This means that you’ll find there stories about certain interesting people, artists, music related content, but also these infamous underdog stories, local events and more. Snowboarding is more than just banger vids, sponsor deals and contest reports and you know this. We hope that you’ll enjoy this new category and you can be sure to find here in future some real dope shit, guaranteed! Unfortunately, with the launch of this urban section, we couldn’t solve our pagination issue yet, but we’re on it. Meanwhile enjoy some nice artist profiles, certain event recaps, travel vids, interviews, creative edits, and photography stuff, what you will be able to find here in our urban section. It’s a rad mixture. One thing you surely don’t want to miss is for example our interview with Corey Smith or the man behind the Burton lense Dean „Blotto Photto“ Gray we did a few months back (but which you can’t see here on this category’s first page..). We will try to fix the rest. Until then stay tuned and hold up for more rad content to drop here soon!




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