Warp Wave – REM Cycle FULL FILM

Warp Wave - REM Cycle FULL FILM

„Enter dream sequence

Falling asleep as a snowboarder; you’re exhausted from riding all day. You close your eyes, your body relaxes. You embark on a journey into your mind. A journey filled with bottomless pow turns and radical maneuvers. All your friends are there. One minute you are ripping under the California sun, the next; a stormy day in the Pacific Northwest. You don’t know where your mind will take you. You wake up, it all vanishes. You look out the window to find white flakes falling from the sky. Time to get up, get out, and get lost.

You have just experienced – REM CYCLE

Just watch it. Warp Wave extravaganza on snow by Eric Messier, Gray Thompson, Brendan Gerard, Tim Eddy, Maxwell Carl Scott, Ben Rice, Nicholas Müller, Alex „Oz Man“ Scott, Ryan Fagan, Curtis Woodman, Tor Lundstrom, Kirsten Power and Lyndsie Lu.

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