Warp Wave – Spring Break Beach

Warp Wave - Spring Break Beach

The guys over at COMUNE have always been up to doing things their own artsy and creative way and this edit doesn’t step out  much from this style. This is the latest Warp Wave installment that features a day with the Springbreak Snowboards collective including Gray Thompson, Eric Messier, Ben Rice, Corey Smith, Brendan Gerard, Chris Gulick and special guest Sean Tedore

Warp Wave created by Eric Messier, and Gray Thompson, is an on-going study of the act of snowboarding and the lifestyle it encompasses. Through original, conceptual video pieces and a monthly online magazine, Warp Wave delivers insight into the avant-garde lifestyle  Eric, Gray, and many others live.

Navigating you on a journey through time and space -through the Warp Wave- bringing the message of true snowboarding culture.


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