On the last Arctic Challenge Terje Haakonsen, pushed the movement once again. The 180 Olympic Charta, which includesWe Are Snowboarding all details and conditions, concerning further negotiations with the IOC, was signed by several riders. And guess what?! Our voice was heard! „We Are Snowboarding“ is the next step. It is all snowboarder’s concern and is important for the future of the sport.

Thanks to Chas Gulemond and Mark McMorris, Peetu Pirroinen, Sebastien Toutant, Sage Kotsenburg, Seppe Smits, Gjermund Braaten and Andrew Mutty, who got involved in the entire movement by Terje Haakonsen, „We Are Snowboarding“ is born.

WAS, is a riders union comprised of competitive snowboarders who wish to have their voice heard. Run by a young generation of professional snowboarders, who believe in the actual spirit, they try to fight for the common interests in snowboarding. The way, the sport is run right now is quite disappointing and we -the riders- are losing our influence on it, being the ones who actually run the sport. WAS, is about to unite most riders as possible, because only together we can change something and show that we actually are somebody. WAS, is absolutely open to further support, also by non-professional snowboarders, who are interested in the sport’s future, willing to change something and support the movement. PLEASE, GO AND CHECK THE LINK BELOW AND BECOME AT LEAST A FAN OF IT ON FACEBOOK. IT SHOULD BE ALL SNOWBOARDERS CONCERN!

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