2011 ISENlympics

With all this constant shit about the Olympics and the F.I.S. hores and all that other stuff that nobody really cares about, the guys from Isenseven thought „Fuck it, let’s host our own games“.

The whole gang was at the Pleasure Jam at Dachstein two weeks back and it was no easy match for all their nerds to compete in the uber-serious events like „Strip Snowboarding“, „Homo“ or „Beat The New Guy“. Maybe the F.I.S. and IOC should try to get rid of this hard, stiff stick stuckep up some where and try not to take things too seriously, but knowing these cunts that will never going to happen.

Shaky follow cams, lame tricks that qualify as fun snowboarding, bluebird and a bunch of highly motivated super-athletes is what you’ll get from this freakshow of a contest who’s rules where made up on the go.

Featuring – Chris Patsch, Fips Strauss, Alex Tank, Benny Urban, Tobi Strauss, Peter König, Daniel Rajcsanyi, Colin Frei and DBK.

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