The 2011 Nixon Jibfest Powder & Rails Special: episode 2

While the first episode was focusing more on the first Jibfest, recapturing basically the meaning and beautyness of the legendary anti-contest, this second episode here comes up with a lot of more action of this year’s Jibfest revival. The original attendees from back then, seem to get a bit nostalgic, when looking at this outstanding obstacles like the infamous S- or circle rail, which got adapted to some slight changes. The circle one got a bit bigger and the S-rail got a new section welded onto it and JP tells a bit what is up with that slippery stuff on that fun boxes and ledges. Even Brian Thein got flown-in to keep this year’s edition OG, in front of all the new jibbers, who got invited like E-Man, Joe Sexton of course, or Simon Chamberlain and Seth Huot. The 2011 Jibfest brought back, for what the old one stood for: Innovative and perfect park setup, only with invited people everybody liked, pushing each other and hanging around for three awesome days, so that everybody says in the end: This was one of my career highlights. To watch episode #1, go here.

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