2013 Air & Style Beijing – Highlights

2013 Air & Style Beijing - Highlights

This year’s Air & Style in Beijing as usual was a massive trick attack by the books as you could have imagined already in case you didn’t follow it live on the webcast. Sorry, what was that, you could NOT? Guess what ..a bunch of people could not really follow it. We at least know that Germany and Poland got blocked for the webcast, but apparently there have been more folks excluded, for whatever reason ..seriously: What The Fuck?! In case you check our Facebook by the time, you could have been one of the lucky ones, to change his/her browser settings to a free Chinese proxy to be able to watch it. Anyways, here’s a short wrap up of what went down on this Saturday in China.

\\2013 Air & Style Results:

  1. Sven Thorgren (SWE)
  2. Sage Kotsenburg (USA)
  3. Kim Rune Hansen (NOR)

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