2013 Danny Davis Global Camp

2013 Danny Davis Global Camp

In case you didn’t know, FRENDS man Danny Davis is a way more supporting and fun guy to hang with than you might already thought he’d be. In NZ, Danny and some other pro friends pulled off a two-week Halfpipe Snowboard Camp, check it out.

Danny Davis and fellow snowboarders Torah Bright, Hannah Teter, brothers Eiju and Ayumu Hirano, Ryo Aono, Kaitlyn Farrington and Queralt Castellet wrap up their two-week half pipe snowboarding GLOBAL Camp at Mount Hutt in New Zealand.

We deemed this session here at Mount Hutt as the Global Camp. It was about the snowboarders, each of us coming from different parts of the world to ride, to progress, to feed off of one another and to have fun doing what we love,“ states Davis. „There were no egos, no hiding tricks, just the friendly vibe of snowboarding together, regardless of the age, skill or country you are from.“ – Danny Davis.



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