active Brodown Showdown

active Brodown Showdown

On April 22, South Park at Mammoth, will be hosting another rad event to go down. The active Brodown Showdown presented by Burton is more sort of an anti-contest, giving young striving AMs the chance to perform in front of the industry’s finests and impress with their own creative style. No fix judgment criteria, no nothing means you can leave your Double Corks home kid. Creativity and your personal steeze is what brings you the ticket to ride the finals. First round is hold in a jam session format of 1,5 hrs, in which 12 judges pick each their favorite rider to go on into the next round. Afterwards, in another 40 min. jam session for the 12 final riders, will decide which four AMs will get picked to step onto the podium and win some of that U$ 10’000. The course is built by the Mammoth Mountain crew and will be giving the chance to ride very diverse stuff, to provide the highest level of creativity among the riders. The jury will be a 12-headed team comprised of pros, team managers and media people. Registration goes from 07:30h to 09:30h, but you better be quick and hurry, ‚cause there’s only 100 spots open.

\\ the payout


  • 1st place – U$ 3’000
  • 2nd place – U$ 2’000
  • 3rd place – U$ 1’000
  • 4th place – U$ 500

Best Trick

U$ 500 and a limited Vestal watch

Best Woman

U$ 1’000

\\ schedule

  • 07:30h – 09:30h – Registration
  • 08:15h – 09:45h – Practice
  • 10:00h – Contest starts
\\ tickets
  • event fee – U$ 25
  • event ticket (incl. chairlift) – U$ 58
To get an insight of what the Brodown looks like, watch last year’s recap.

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