Ästhetiker WÄngl TÄngl | REMINDER!

Ästhetiker Wängl Tängl | by: Ästhetiker

„It’s on when it’s on“. According to the claim of the WÄngl TÄngl, the contest will be kicked off when WE want it to. An incredible event by riders for riders and not giving a f**k about sponsors, spectators and media. Thanks to the Ästhetiker crew from Zillertal, we can join this event now, since a long time. Including streetart and sick music acts and parties, there is also going to be a nice miniramp skate sessions and of course some …ehm, yeah: SNOWBOARDING. This weekend (Mach 12 – 19th), the Vans-Penken-Park in Mayrhofen will be shredded and destroyed, like there would be no morning. Competing in teams of three, each of them has to prove their ability to give a good improvised performance. The best part of it: Each year the park is including a special and unique -never ever seen before- obstacle section, which the riders get to know when the event is on. This guarantees totally freestyle performace and a lot of fun of course. The miniramp skate comp, will be done in tag team format and besides the streetart and the music acts, there will be parties and a good time everywhere around the Zillertal. So get ready and off to Austria!

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