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After having succeeded on fightin for a new pipe, the moment has come. The first big event on the brand new German Halfpipe, at the Nebelhorn resort in Oberstdorf was on! Thanks to the PipeAid movement and the great support of the pleasuremag and Red Bull, Germany got his beloved halfpipe back, after 5 long year’s not having one at all. On the pipe’s opening, the atmosphere was already sick and lots of riders came up, to ride the pipe and have fun on some cool sessions. Now the German Halfpipe Championships were on. Watch this video wrap up and make up your mind, if you’re really not interested in getting back on some pipe riding, instead of just looking forward to parks ’n rails. It’s sicker than you might think it is!

German Halfpipe Championship Results:

Men U16

1.) Linus Birkendahl

2.) Luis Eckert

3.) Johanes Höpfl


1.) Conny Bleicher

2.) Arnette Steinbauer

3.) Veronika Rjcsanyi


1.) Christoph Schmidt

2.) Christoph Thoresen

3.) Xaver Hoffmann

If you have missed the actual story behind the Pipe Aid movement and how the situation was before getting the pipe back, check our first article about it here.

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