Halldor Helgason after Nike 6.0 Air & Style 2011 | Munich


| BS Rodeo 10 JAPAN |

The elder brother of the two pros from Iceland did have quite a few show ups and news for us recently. Starting with his sponsor change from DC to Nike 6.0, or the announcement of his new own board brand called „Lobster“ (which he will drop in Fall 2011 with his brother Eiki) and showing it on a first time in action during the X-Games. Those of you, who followed the passed events (especially those ones concerning the Air & Style) probably already know, that Halldør was looking forward to try a new trick: The Lobster. Well, Double BS Rodeo’s are not unusual at all, even if you stick them ending on a 1080, but giving a little tiny extra such as a Japan on it, changes the whole thing. Have a look here on how he tried stomping that beast of a trick, bringin back also a huge dosis of style to major snowboard events. Seriously, that trick looks nuts! Halldør said before, that in case he could land it, he would call it the Lobster, but even though he did not succeed, it will be probably just a matter of time …we are waiting!

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