Isenseven „Kaleidoscope“ premiere tour

Isenseven "Kaleidoscope" premiere tour

You got the teasers. You got the info for the world premiere in Munich. All what’s left to do will be then to order that flick and check the tour dates, to witness an incredible party night with the Isen riders and other great people until the break of dawn. Check the dates to not miss a stop near by your place. See you there!

Isenseven premiere tour dates:

16th September 2011 – Worldpremiere in Munich (Germany), Kesselhaus
24th September 2011 – St. Petersburg (Russia), Place Club
28th September 2011 – Whistler (Canada), Garfinkels Club
30th September 2011 – Moskau (Russia), Vozduh Club
30th September 2011 – Hamburg (Germany), Festplatz Nord
02th October 2011 – Cologne (Germany), Bahnhof Ehrenfeld
07th October 2011 – Frankfurt/Main (Germany), Club Monza
13th October 2011 – Grenoble (France), Snowboard Garden Festival
14th October 2011 – Bern (Switzerland)
15th October 2011 – Luzern (Switzerland)
21th October 2011 – Berlin (Germany), location tba
22th October 2011 – Dresden (Germany), location tba
29th October 2011 – Stuttgart (Germany), Wagenhallen
29th October 2011 – Zürich (Switzerland), location tba
05th November 2011 – Karlsruhe (Germany), CrazyWave
18th November 2011 – Südtirol, Love Electro! Festival

premiere dates for Austria will be coming soon!

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