Oakley & Shaun White present TTR Air & Style Beijing 2011

Winter is each time closer, the season has started already (on some spots earlier than others..) and the contests are on! Here we go with the first edit / teaser of the 2nd edition of the Air & Style Beijing. Last year’s world premiere for the legendary big air event to go overseas was a blast of success. The crowd freaked out and could see snowboarding’s elite on this beast of a big air jump, sticking their Double Corks and everything. Almost 9’000 people attended to the event, which went down in the Olympic soccer stadium in Beijing. Also this time again, the contest is (for whatever reason..) presented by Shaun White. Thank god that the Air & Style company, managed the event that good, to have (under normal circumstances..) 3 (!!) Air & Style events in only one season! Now we really thank for this good management, ‚cause as you might remember, we told you recently that the Nike 6.0 Air & Style event in Munich got cancelled for this year (fuck that! yeah …we know), so we’re lucky to still have the Oakley and Billabong edition in China and Innsbruck, Austria. This year’s Oakley Air & Style event in Beijing will go down on December 3rd, so stay tuned for more info to read here at ShredOn Mag of course.

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