Pirates‘ „Bottom Line“ | premiere tour dates!

Pirates' "Bottom Line" | premiere tour dates!

Marco Feichtner is simply great. There is a supposed to professionally working online mag like ours, so that you can relay on our info we provide and we simply link to an overview of all premiere dates, when we should have listed them all down and don’t be such a lazy bunch of jerks. Marco sees that niche for his blog traffic and does it in our place, when we should have done it. We thank him for that, copy-paste that shit easy and provide it to you now. Golden steal for us and props out to Marco | check out his blog for more rad stuff!

Pirate’s „Bottom Line“ priiere tour dates:

16-17.09.2011- Innsbruck, Austria (Hafen)

24.09.2011- Zurich, Switzerland (Häerterei)

29.9.2011- Vienna, Austria (WUK)

30.9. 2011- Salzburg, Austria (Rockhouse)

30.9. 2011- Stockholm, Sweden

01.10.2011-Fieberbrunn, Austria (Riverhouse)

07.10. 2011- Munich, Germany (Crux)

08.10.2011- Stuttgart, Germany (Bix)

14.10.2011- Feldkirch, Austria (Poolbar)

15.10. 2011- Grenoble, France (Film Festival)

15.10. 2011- Kaunertal Opening. Austria

21.10.2011- Graz, Austria (Postgarage)

29.10. 2011- Lienz, Austria (Cinia)

04.11.2011- Nuriberg, Germany (Stars & Stairs)

A U.S.-tour is in progress and more locations to be confirmed are so far: Oslo, Gothenburg, Moscow, Berlin, Modena, Cologne, Dresden, Warsaw, Wroclaw, Bucharest, Budapest, Zagreb, Jonkoping, Örebro.

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