Postland Rail Riots 2012

Postland Rail Riots 2012

October 12th last week was off the hook in the in Montana Snowcenter in Netherlands, due to the inaugural event of the Postland posse, the Postland Rail Riots rail jam. An event for and by the riders as you can easily see, that focused especially on you unknown upcomers, to give them a plattform to make some noise and enjoy snowboarding. A custom made setup by the Postlanders and tons of goodies to win, what everybody enjoyed quite well, as the slopes also remained open to the public during the entire day and night of that event. Enjoy here the recap of it and get an idea how advanced the Dutch jib headz are ripping and get your shred on.

Postland Rail Riots 2012 results:

Best Rookie:
Jeroen Kooistra

Best Girl:
Bente van Lierop

1. Jonathan Begley
2. Jesse Augustinus
3. Max de Vries
4. Jacco Bos

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