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The world of surfing is focused right now at the ASP World Tour 2011 opening event: the Quiksilver Pro. At the famous beach of SnapperQuicksilver Pro Gold Coast | copyright: Quicksilver Rock, on the Australian Gold Coast, the surfers ride a perfect right sandbank wave break. Also this year‘s Quiksilver Pro can be followed live via HD Webcast on ShredOn Magazine. We can be very exciting, concerning new improvements of the contest, as we told you already a couple of weeks ago: The surfers will be (if wanting so) wearing a GPS device, which measures the actual speed on the water. The fastest surfer, will get a nice 2‘500 US $ check for that. Overall 34 surfers are competing for a huge prizing money of total 425‘000 US $ during these days. At the last minute we got the news, that Mitch Crews (AUS | 20y.) And Sarah Mason (NZL | 15y.), are also competing with the world’s bests, after winning the Quiksilver and Roxy Trials and have won their wildcards for  the opening event of the world tour.

We apologize, but unfortunately the webcast is now exclusive to the  official QuikPro homepage, so please click here, to follow the event live!

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