Red Bull Ultra Natural is over

After last year’s world premier of what brings together freeride and freestyle snowboarding in one natural terrain competition, Travis Rice’s brain child the Red Bull Supernatural, celebrated this year it’s 2nd edition. With a new edition you get new inspirations, ideas and improvements of which one of them is the title upgrade (rumors say they had to change it, due to the fact that there is already an existing event called the „Supernatural“ ..) if you want so, and got ultra weird: Red Bull Ultra Natural (hopefully we won’t have to type this too often..). The 2nd edition of this prestigious and unique contest went down on this weekend at Craig’s Baldface Lodge, where Travis worked out new improvements for the course and the overall competition. Natural jumps and other build-in obstacles and transitions that are spread over that 45° steep course, which is rather known as Scary Cherry. For Kazu Kokubo, who unfortunately couldn’t join the event, Austrian Ästhetiker  icon Wolle Nyvelt got picked to replace him. We can’t provide any real contest footage yet, as even Curt Morgan and his Brain Farm team need a certain time to edit their shitload of footage, besides of the exclusive exposure on TV channels and others, that probably go first on showing the full contest thing, but we’ll see. What we can give you is a total result list of this unique contest and some pre-comp footage, as Travis and his team thought of doing some qualify activities in order to figure out the starting list for the riders. Terje Håkonsen claimed to be injured they say and had his own lumberjacker, that killed it for him instead, but watch it yourself. Congrats in any case go out to Austrian snowboard outstand Gigi Rüf, who could make 1st spot on the podium in front of Euro fella Nicolas Müller and Bryan Fox.

Red Bull Ultra Natural is over

U.S. kids can be happy and tune-in to NBC on March 30th at 13:30h (ET) / 10:30h (PT) to watch the whole thing, which is presented by Nike Snowboarding and will be part of Red Bull’s Signature Series.

\\ 2013 Red Bull Ultra Natural contest results:

1. Gigi Rüf
2. Nicolas Müller
3. Bryan Fox
4. Terje Håkonsen
5. David Carrier-Porcheron
6. Mark McMorris
7. Eero Niemela
8. Pat Moore
9. Lucas Debari
10. Travis Rice
11. Jussi Oksanen
12. Bode Merrill
13. Jake Blauvelt
14. Wolfgang Nyvelt
15. Torstein Horgmo
16. Mikey Rencz

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