Relentless Big Air climbing up the stars!

Germany has been quite poor in these last few year’s concerning bigger snowboard events. Cheers out to Nokia once again, who let us down quite spontaneously (..what we use to call a bitch move btw, so take this!) and thanks again to Nike 6.0, who brought the Air & Style back this year. But the Air & Style wasn’t the only TTR Big Air event in Germany in this last 2010/2011 season. Upper West from Bavaria, on a calm parking lot in Neckerpark, Stuttgart a new member was born into this prestigious event family. The Relentless Big Air Stuttgart, got kicked off for the first time in January this year, setting it off with 4 TTR Stars. The event was a complete success, the contest was great, the riders as well as the audience was stoked and everyone was happy. Good performance claims for rewards and the Relentless Big Air got his one now! Just a few months after its premiere, the TTR committee in Stockholm decided recently to upgrade the new Big Air event and let him move up, from 4 to 5 TTR stars!

The organizers did an excellent job in Stuttgart and can compete already with the big names in the game“, said Reto Lamm, president of the TTR World Tour. „As a 5-star event, the Relentless Big Air Stuttgart will host the top-riders in snowboarding.“ Next to a sweet prizing purse of U$ 50’000, that means especially important points for the TTR ranking. Being a 5-star event now, the winners will get for the first time 850 points, instead of the usual 500 (4-star points), which are also quite important to for the 32 invited riders, to qualify for the 2012 snowboarding world championships in Oslo. The second edition of the Relentless Big Air in Stuttgart, is planned to take place from Dember 16 – 17 this year, but the organizers and sponsors still talk about it. No matter when it will be, we are super stoked about these news and are super happy that this might be the beginning of a good snowboarding event era for Germany and the entire snowboarding scene. Check out here the official 2011 TTR Relentless Big Air teaser!

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