RIDE Shakedown Summit | day 1: Rail Jam


RSD Summit Podium Rail Jam | photo by: Crispin Cannon


Yesterday, the RIDE Shakedown kicked off round 2 in the States with the Ams qualification and the Rail Jam competition at Snoqualmie. After a great success of the European premier in Germany, the event coulnd’t go an better. The weather was o-kay at the beginning and improved later on with a welcomed snowfall during the Rail Jam finals. A total of 24 AMs tried their best in the RSD Semi-Final against the pros, to get a spot on the podium and so, be able to advance one round more.

Day shakers Pat Lynch from Big Bear City (CA), Caden Michnal from Kalispell (MT) and Mitch Richmond from Mammoth Lakes (CA) were the priviledged ones and proved with solid runs, that they are quite confident on steeling rails. Lynch and Richmond also qualified for the Rail Jam Semi-Final alongside Derrek Lever of Edmonds, Washington, to compete against the pros in the Semi-Final.

Rail Jam King Jeremy Cloutier

The lineup for this year’s Rail Jam competition was impressive. Besides the invited pros, it was last year’s Rail Jam winner and local Austin Hironaka (USA), looking forward in defending his title. Also present were Ryan Paul (USA), from Minnesota and Quebec native Jeremy Cloutier (CAN). The setup design was tricky, requiring all 32 riders to really focus on speed and technique. As expected, the competition was absolutely great, with the only two Canadians dominating the Finals. Jib-King Jeremy Cloutier, who did 3rd at last year’s Shakedown event, proved his reputation as such and put down a hard run, consisting of a FS 180 gap and a SW backside 360-out on the kink rail, making 1st place on the podium. German RIDE Shakedown winner Matts Kulisek (CAN), was the other lucky one, finishing on the podium on 2nd spot and earning 2’000 USD. 3rd spot went to Johnny Lazz (USA), who got hiself a nice 1’000 USD purse for that.

Today, the RIDE Shakedown Semi-Finals will begin and finish this year’s 2011 Shakedown event in Summit at Snoqualmie, before heading on to ist Canadian origin to Quebec, to celebrate ist 10th anniversary on the April 1 and 2. Stay connected to new vids, pictures and standings with the official RIDE Shakedown app, for Android and iPhones, which you can find easily on your Android/ App-Store.


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