Sébastien Toutant wins his 3rd RIDE Shakedown title

2011 RIDE Shakedown Overview | photo by: Lapierre

The final day of this 10th edition definitely proved, why this competition is among the industry and fan favourites.

Antoine Truchon (CAN) and Francis Bourgeois (CAN), both qualified AMs, were lined up to compete alongside Alex Cantin (CAN) and Yale Cousino (USA), to name a few. Though winds were an added challenge, all 35 riders pushed their limits in an effort to impress both the judges and the fans. The top 10 was reminiscent of the 2006 edition as Truchon and Bourgeois qualified alongside RIDE Shakedown veterans Matts Kulisek and Sebastien Toutant.

2011 RIDE Shakedown - Matt Kulisek | photo by: Dan Mathieu

Going into the final, the adrenaline was palpable. Riders were allotted 90 minutes in which they were required to perform three judged runs. The best two runs combined to form the final score. This laid-back approach, at the heart of the RIDE Shakedown’s unique competition format, is highly appreciated by athletes; it allows them to perform to their full extent and give the crowd a show. It was a neck-in-neck race for the three winners, each trying to outdo the other.

On his final run, 18-year old “Seb Toots“ threw a Cab 1260 Double Cork and followed it up with a gap to Nose Blunt on the kink rail. Added to his successful first run, a BS 1080 Double Cork and gap Cap 270 on the rail, the local hero climbed his way to the top podium step for the third time, earning 15’000 U$D.

2011 RIDE Shakedown - Seb Toots | photo by: Dan Mathieu

It was a tough semi-final this morning, it was super windy. Everyone was having a bit of trouble, but I stomped my run and made it to the final. On my last run I went with my cab 12 double cork. I hadn’t practiced it but I stomped it and it was kind of like a dream come true”, he said.

2011 RIDE Shakedown - autograph session | photo by: Dan Mathieu

Matts Kulisek, no stranger to the competition, earned the second podium spot with his FS 1260 on the jump and gap half Cap 50/50 on the kink rail. This is the 2011 RIDE Shakedown third podium for the 26-year old hometown rider, who took home 8’000 U$D. Kulisek, short of breath, was ecstatic.

It’s hard topodium once, so three times is amazing! This crowd is definitely the biggest, but at the same time I’ve got all my friends for support!

2011 RIDE Shakedown - Crowd on Finals | photo by: Dan Mathieu

Newcomer Maxence Parrot from Bromont earned his semi-final spot as the best trick winner at the 2011 Snowmission. After making it to the final, the 17 year-old impressed the judges with his BS  1260 Double Cork followed by a gap Cab 270 on the kink rail. Parrot came in third with a 4’000 U$D prize purse.

2011 RIDE Shakedown - Seb Toots | photo by: Oli Croteau

The crowd was treated with a slew of events throughout the day, such as the Snowboard Canada Magazine autograph session and the customary Push.ca halftime show. The skater’s event took place on the same setup used by snowboarders where Simon Naud-Marcotte earned best trick and 2’000 U$D for his 50/50 down to 5-0. The whole event was highlighted with the sounds of drumline D-LINE and ended with a bang –literally. Fireworks lit up the sky as the 10th anniversary came to an end. Despite the thousands of smiling faces, none were happier than Patryck Bernier and Brendan O’Dowd, founders of the event.

2011 RIDE Shakedown - Simon Naud Marcotte best (skate) trick | photo by: Dan Mathieu

It’s crazy to think of how much this event has grown in the past ten years. It’s now an international event on two continents that attracts top riders from across the world! The crowd here at Mont Saint-Sauveur amazes us year after year. We love this event and we love being able to have over 25,000 people love it too. We even got Mother Nature on our side again this year!

2011 RIDE Shakedown - Podium Finals | photo by: Dan Mathieu

This 10th anniversary edition was a success with the launch of the inaugural RIDE Shakedown in Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany followed by an encore edition at The Summit at Snoqualmie in Seattle. The final stop in Mont Saint-Sauveur, Canada closes out an international tour for the RIDE Shakedown, one that we hope to see again in the coming years.

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watch here the video recap of the 10th RIDE Shakedown:

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