Skullcandy Railbattle

The Skullcandy Railbattle, goes into round 5! This small jib contest, which started as a pure indoor event back then is nowadays one5th Skullcandy Railbattle of the illest rail battle events behind the Dutch frontiers. Compete with the Dutch jib elite for a € 1’000 cash purse and show your skills. The event will start at June 25. To register you can show up and do it in person or by simply sending an e-mail to Fee for participating is 25€, which includes also the BBQ. If not, the BBQ is 12,50 €. Check out the schedule below for further info. For such an event (including its 5th anniversary) is definitely a new setup needed. Event founder Gerben Verweij talks to you that for a bit about what he has prepared so far.

Event schedule:

Registration: 13h

Training Session: 14h


Snowworld Zoetermeer 2717

or check this great Google Maps link, thanks to the dudes from Methodmag!


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