12-13 Opening Madness pt. I

12-13 Triple Opening Madness

Since the new 12-13 season has already started -in some latitudes sooner than in others- we thought of bringing you here a first ‚Opening Package‘ post, instead of flooding your screen with dozens of edits throughout these weeks and put these first ones now in one. Enjoy.

\\ Season Opening with Eero

\\ 2012 Copper Mountain Opening

\\ 2012 Boreal Opening Weekend with Matty Britton, Brenton Aikin, Collin Lucier, Luke Kelly, Ryland West, Kieth Rutherford, Johnny Lucero, Tyler Thompsen, Tanner Misono, and Michael Ballew

\\ Keystone Opening Day Banana

\\ Trollhaugen Opening Day 2012 with Vinny, Brett Spurr, Alex Colorito, Cullen Bernklau, Billy Bottoms, Jeffy Gabrick, Chris ‚Murphy‘ Duncan, Al Binder & Austin Young


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