2012 Camp of Champions – Week A with Stepchild

2012 Camp of Champions – Week A with Stepchild

The first week at the Camp of Champions just went down last week and gave the Whistler summer camp thing a tremendously good start. No wonder when the kids get not only stoked by the Stepchild dudes, but also others like Torstein Horgmo and turn totally hyped in order to leave even some of the pros stunned up there. Enjoy best riding by Torstein, Matt Belzile, Brandon Hobush, Louis-Philippe Dorval, Rusty Ockenden, Jody Wachniak, Cody Wilson, Alex Beebe, Dillon Ojo, Alex Stathis, Ben Poechman, Mark Goodall, Logan Short, Ben Bilocq, JP Walker, Joe Sexton and Simon Chamberlain.

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