„Antiout“ teaser!

We told you already earlier this year about it, when Antti announced that he would throw out this year an own signature film project, called „Antiout“. The Fin rider belongs to one of those pros, with the most experience in the snowboarding game and has seen it all already! Being on that point it is interesting to follow more personal goals, to progress for yourself on multiple levels and do what you want and not what your sponsor tells you to do. In most cases this has been recently always filming certainly deep as pow and follow an entire season, or maybe even two on travel trips all around the globe. After Terje kicked that trend off long time ago, there have been just a few more who were on that prestigious point of their career, to realise such a project. We are stoked to finally watch that teaser and to get the full film for free online, when releasing this year on his website! ENJOY.

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