Bear Mountain – „Feature Factory“ Movie Trailer

Bear Mountain – “Feature Factory” Movie Trailer

Resort edits definitely appear to be a cool up coming trend in production and when you think of it makes perfect fucking sense. It ain’t hard to film as long as you make sure to get yourself a proper tripod and not hold your cam upside down. So when you got all this local heads that ripp like -god knows what! and over to big name pros like Pat Moore in one massive flick, it’s a homerun. That way you also get to that point where you read down all these local head names and find a Euro girl ripper that you wouldn’t expect at all in it like Veroniqi Hanssen. Bear Mountain however ( we’re back to it) hopps on that resort film thing and shows us their Feature Factory trailer that will get released on September 22nd at the infamous Hot Dawgz and Handrails event for free, so get you ass over there and make you clear yourself a copy.

Riders featured: Ryan Paul, Jesse Paul, Yuma Abe, Kotaro Kamimura, Melissa Evans, Jamie Madrid, Scott Blum, Harrison Gordon, Cody Boan, Scott Vine, Yale Cousino, Durell Williams, Alex Andrews, Daniel Brown, Jaeger Bailey, Dyln Dragotta, Jake OE, Andrew Brewer, Ian Sams, Ryan Tarbell, Nick Visconti, Zach Rawles, Zak Hale, Ted Borland, Dylan Alito, Brandon Hobush, Johnny Brady, chris Brewster, Parker Duke, Alex Hereford, Eric Leon Spencer Schubert, Jordan Small, Desiree Melancon, Jonah Owen, Chad Tarbell, Dylan Thompson, Lenny Mazzotti, Forrest Bailey, Pat Moore, Veroniqi Hanssen, Lucas Magoon, Justin Fronius, Jess Kimura, Jake Kuzyk, Mike Ravelson, Brett Wilkinson, Ethan Deiss and Cole Linzemeyer.

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