Bear Mountain’s ‚Feature Factory‘ – FULL MOVIE

Bear Mountain’s ‘Feature Factory’ – FULL MOVIE

We already pointed at that new up coming hype throwing out own resort movies, featuring all the locals and pro headz in it, to be one bad-ass idea. Bear Mountain can’t be missing in that concept of snowboard movies and released their full length feature of their Feature Factory that includes as you already assume bad-ass steezers by way too many awesome pros and up comers that ripp it hard. Enjoy almost half an hour of best stylish shredding by Scott Stevens, Jussi Oksanen, Joe Sexton, Durell Williams, Scott Vine, Mikkel Bang, Spencer Schubert, Daniel Brown, Zak Hale, Dylan Alito, Mark McMorris, Ethan Deiss, Brandon Hobush, Lauri Heiskari, Tim Eddy, Erik Leon, Dave Downing, Jonah Owen, Hans Mindnich, Chris Bradshaw and Lucas Magoon. Questions?

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