burn PRESENTS: Black Snow

burn PRESENTS: Black Snow

burn presents: Bullshit! That’s what they do and nothing else. We already see most of the bloggers and bigger mags digging in their special dictionary for superlatives that are used later to claim the latest production of that energy sucking drink to be the next level shit. Only because they put out some black lights, some LEDs ..etc. and shot a handful tricks with the lights off. BRAVO! Go home guys seriously. You claim to throw out a short flick and release a barely three minutes edit that even sucks ..for real? Ståle, Ulrik, Gigi and Gulli were probably thinking like: Who the fuck recommended me to sign up with this bullshit energy drink sponsor, I’ll kill him.

Regard -we doubt you’ll enjoy it- Ståle Sandbech, Ulrik Badertscher, Gigi Rüf and Gulli Gudmundsson in a guest appearance, jumping around a stairset in a  snowdome, with the lights off and ask everyone tomorrow at college ’n school if they also watched the cool new snowboard movie by burn productions. Give me a break..

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