burn #RideAgain – Neon Circles TRAILER

burn #RideAgain - Neon Circles TRAILER

This one won’t be easy. Well, actually it is. So, after last year’s Black Snow crap, the guys over at burn stepped it up and delivered some more serious snowboard footage in form of a film, talking about the Powder & Glory thing, that was followed by We Ride – The Story of Snowboarding. Last one definitely was pretty damn good, but sort of does not count really for this sort of films, as it was a serious full length documentary about our sport’s story – so you rather do it properly or be gone, right? 

Now here comes #RideAgain – Neon Circles. Not only that the fancy color thing is back, but this time even sticking to the Olympic rings symbol, since burn (just to remember: an sugar loaded fucking energy drink) is the official „[…] energy drink of the 2014 Winter Olympic Games, [burn are] bringing all the heat to Sochi. So what the fuck is this now? Not only that the IOC is already sort of the dark side of the power, but now (just to remember: the Olympic Games are thought to be the most prestigious international competition, where only the bests of each nation compete, all in the sense of natural and the purest sports performance – ENERGY DRINK?!) they even hook up with an energy drink as their official one, what the fuck guys?!

We’re sorry about (actually not, but screw it..) that now the „poor“ burn film trailer suffers under this one here, but you know what? We don’t give a damn, since we don’t like these drinks in snowboarding anyway! Props and everything to Ståle Sandbech, Sven Thorgren and Arthur Longo, who are incredible riders, but this fact just turned upside down and that so called „film“ will be as fancy shitfaced as some others we could already watched, all in favor for the Olympic Games, since we all like them and think they’re so hip. Give me a fucking break..

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