Burton Baker’s Dozen – 13: The Third Trailer

Burton Baker’s Dozen – 13: The Third Trailer

As announced lately, Burton is about to release a total of four teasers for their up coming 2012 called 13. We’re all aware of the fact that shredding out there with your friends, pushes you way more than when riding alone and is more fun clearly. Marc McMorris gets into that and tells how much he appreciates these moments and we don’t doubt Mark at all. It’s just that coming from Burton releasing this sort of teaser now looks so made up, like they want to get more natural ’n real ..the down to earth brand that ..give us a break now, for real. First that weird edited first main teaser with that uber lame song and now this. Let’s pray for that the final 4th teaser will be more action featured and that the full length flick gets as rad as we expect it to be.

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