Burton presents [SNOWBOARDING]

Burton presents (SNOWBOARDING]

Burton presents with [SNOWBOARDING] a new 4 episode web series that will feature most of their team riders for a respective webisode, that fits their action and „natural terrains“ in snowboarding where they feel most comfy shredding. In this case Burton divided these webisodes into „Backcountry“, „Street“, „Resort“ and „Women“, that will start in that same order from September 13th on, every two weeks featuring Jeremy Jones, Mark Sollors, Roope Tonteri, Peetu Piiroinen, Nicolas Müller, Ethan Deiss, Zak Hale, Danny Davis, Hannah Teter, Werni Stock, Kimmy Fasani, Kelly Clark, Mikey Rencz, Jussi Oksanen, Arielle Gold, Alek Oestreng, Marko Grilic, Enni Rukajärvi, Cilka Sadar, Tere Håkonsen, Mark McMorris, Christian Haller, Ben Ferguson, Gabe Ferguson, Broc Crouch and even little grom standout Red Gerard is in. Over all it’s looking quite dope, when looking at the footage and the cinematography, if there wouldn’t be..

..that whole concept sounds familiar to you too?
Holy shit, wait ..right: Nike presented their [The] Snowboarding Project last year, releasing short films featuring different team riders for different snowboarding, wether it was for the park, the streets or the backcountry aaaand yeah. Burton wasn’t quite sure if to produce another team film or whatever and chose the new media path for this season, following „the Swoosh“ ’s footsteps. Is that how your heads get creative up there in Vermont, really?

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